TIEBU,The Metal Tape-Calendar Series(Week planner)

With 48mm width, the designed pattern is no longer covered up by the front objects.

With writable feature, brings the unlimited creativity into life.

Inch mark on the surface, makes it functioned as ruler.

Apply on the wall as a timetable, travel planner, or a memo to record every crazy idea.

TIEBU, the metal tape, is a wonderful add-on to style your space and daily planner to memorize your splendid life.



1. Choose a smooth and clean surface.

2. Tear the desired length easily by hands and apply on the surface with modest pressure to secure

    the TIEBU attached firmly and perfectly.

3. With magnet or magnetic tape, it can be applied to pictures, tickets, postcard etc.

4. Memo everything with permanent marker or ball pen to help you organizing.

  • Brand:
  • Material: soft iron
  • Dimension: (L)3m x (W)48mm
  • Country of oringin: Taiwan
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