3+ Magi mags Magnetic Tape 19x5m-Classic Series

A tape with magnet on one side and adhesive on the other.

You can easily to tear it off by hands or use the cutting-tool to get a neater edge.

For non-iron objects by pairing 2 pieces against each other,

one on the surface to be attached to and the other to the item to be posted.

The magnetic tape is made with special adhesive, and designed to be remove without damaging.

It's perfect for crafting, home deco.


With its bright color surface makes it easy to find from a mess or on a crowded surface!

  • Brand: 3+ Magi Mags
  • Material: rubber magnet
  • Dimension: (L)5m x (W)19mm
  • Country of oringin: Taiwan
  • Color:
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