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please contact us via website or phone.

About Magnet

Q1. What are the reasons for the magnetic products to work properly?

The magnetic products only attract the objects which are made of iron.
The magnetic attraction of the magnet is related to the size of the contact area.
The larger the area in contact with the object to be adsorbed, the stronger the magnetic attraction.

Q2. What kind of surface would be suitable for magnetic products with adhesive?

We recommend a smooth and above all a clean surface.

Q3. How long shall the magnetism of the products last?

The magnetism is permanent if properly stored, ex to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

Monthly Features

Q1. Will the feature products be renewed monthly?

We will do our best to provide different and interesting feature products for our consumer to purchase monthly.

Q2. Will the monthly feature products be replenished after sold out?

We will determine whether the feature product can be classified as a normal item based on the sales.
If the product is not classified as a normal item, it will not be replenished after sold out.

Delivery & Return

Q1. How long will it take before I receive my order?

The order will be activated as soon as the payment is received.
Order in stock will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days and traceable.

You can check your order status by log in first then go to『My account → My orders』.

Q2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!
Please visit 『Delivery & Return』page for more information.

Q3. What is your returns policy?

Please visit our 『Delivery & Return』page for more details.

Q4. Can I change my shipping address?

If the order status shows "Preparing for dispatch", you can go to "Contact Us" page or just give us a ring or email,
our customer service staff will assist you in changing the delivery address.
However if the order status shows "Your order is dispatching", the delivery address will not be able to exchanged.


Q1. Do I need to register an account to place an order?

Yes! You need to register an account to complete a purchase.
By registering with us, you will enjoy the following benefits via your goodsaddict account:

∙ Save your address and credit card details to check out faster
∙ Track your orders and manage your order history
∙ Collect credits and become our VIP

Q2. How to become a VIP in goods addict? And what are the benefits of VIP?

To register an account to collect credits and become our VIP.
All the transactions are automatically accumulated once you've done the registration.
The cumulative purchases are based on the actual amounts paid after discount and will be deducted when a return is made.
Single transaction over NT$8,000 or cumulative purchases over NT$10,000 within a year, you will become our VIP automatically for one year and enjoy the following benefits,

∙ 10% off discount per transaction
∙ one 15% off birthday coupon
∙ Enjoy free shipping when purchasing over NT$1,500 online (Taiwan only)

✭ VIP membership will renew automatically with cumulative purchases over NT$8,000 or
10 transactions for the next year after you've achieved VIP status.


Q1. How long can the items are saved?

Items will remain in your 『Saved items』for 60 days.
After 60 days, the item will be removed from the list.

Q2. Will we have the priority to purchase for the items placing in the shopping bag?

We can't assure you get the products kept in the shopping bag before the transaction is made.
Product stocks are distributed in a first paid first get basis.

Q3. Can I get multiple invoices under one single order?

We suggest you to order separately if you need more than one invoice, since each order only has one invoice.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
IF you have any special requirement or request for large/customized order, please contact customer services at info@goodsaddict.com for assistance, thank you.

Q4. Do u have a physical store?

We currently focus on shopping website.
If there is a physical store in the future, we will share it with you all~

Q5. How can I unsubscribe newsletters?

Q6. My question isn't answered above.

Any question, please go to 『Contact Us』page, or you can just give us a ring or email~